St Andrews – Internationally Delicious!


St Andrews is a truly international community, with over 45% of our students coming from outside the UK and 125 nationalities represented in our student body. The town has a distinctly cosmopolitan atmosphere and that cultural diversity ensures eating in St Andrews is a truly exciting experience!

Cultural delights

As a student you can participate in the cooking lessons and feasting sessions offered by the Fine Food and Dining Society. Cuisines shared recently include Syrian, Lebanese, African, German, and Japanese as well as American comfort food. Local delights and foodie businesses are celebrated in the annual Fife Food Festival and monthly Farmers’ Market. If the budding Historian in you wants to experience the joys of traditional mediaeval feasting, the Shire of Caer Caledon host regular themed feasts, including appropriate utensils and dress. Another event that’s pencilled into every food aficionado’s calendar is Flavours of Malaysia – an evening of authentic Malaysian food, cooked by our very own Malaysian Society.

Around the world in 80 dishes

With well over 80 places to grab something to eat from restaurants, cafes, delis, bakeries, pubs, cheese shops, a salad bar and even a farm shop and a chocolatier, you can discover a world of delicious foods from Turkish to Italian, Thai to Portuguese, as well as eateries celebrating Scottish cuisine. Being a coastal town, St Andrews of course has amazing fish as showcased in restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets from an award-winning fish and chip shop  to an Indian seafood restaurant. Carnivores can rejoice at the opening of Q BBQ, an authentic family-run American style BBQ restaurant, which specialises in on-site smoked ribs and brisket and all the necessary side dishes.

Special diets — vegan/veggie/gluten free/dairy free/halal

If you follow a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diet, most restaurants offer plenty of options for you to consider or will happily prepare a dish to your preference, based on your dietary needs. Supermarkets in St Andrews also offer a large variety of ingredients and ready-prepared foods for restricted diets. If you follow a halal diet, be rest-assured that you can continue this in St Andrews. Many restaurants offer halal options, including Pizza Express, Zizzi’s Italian, Jahangir Indian and Dervish Turkish Cuisine, to name but a few. Local produce features on menus all over town.

Ice cream — a special mention

For over 100 years Jannetta’s Italian ice-cream parlour has treated St Andrews residents to a world of flavours. As such, the final words on this intro to food in St Andrews has to be given to the place where ice-cream dreams are made. The ever-changing flavours, ice-cream cakes and made-to-order takeaway tubs (coconut, pistachio, chocolate fudge and salted caramel is a combo you must try!) make Jannetta’s a year-round destination – yes, people queue up for ice cream in the winter!

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