Top 5 Things Every Student Loves About St Andrews

Whether you are a prospective student thinking of studying here or a fresher starting in September, these are 5 things we guarantee you will love about St Andrews…

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1) The Flexibility of the Degree

There are many degree options available to you, in fact there are over 900 combinations! There is literally something for everyone. Students typically study modules across a range of Schools during their sub-honors years before they select their final honors options allowing students to change their degree if they are finding they are more passionate about another course. This is completely fine, over 40% of our students do this! Have a look at our prospectus to find out more about how the degree structure works and the subjects available to you!

2) Our Careers Centre

The University of St Andrews boasts an excellent reputation throughout the world, ensuring that our graduates have great appeal to employers. The University’s Careers Centre it the most visited careers centre in the UK which offers students information and advice on graduate opportunities and careers. During your time at the University, there will be plenty of opportunities to gain work experience and boost your CV. You can also attend our careers fairs where you will find some of the UK’s most prestigious graduate employers. Want to find out more? Visit our Careers Centre online today!

3) Traditions

Right from the beginning of your first week in St Andrews to your last day of University you will be immersed in our famous unique traditions.  From being adopted into an Academic Family to wearing the iconic red gown during a Sunday pier walk or running into the North Sea at dawn on the first of May, traditions at St Andrews is something that all students really enjoy being involved in and will provide many hours of enjoyment and memories that you will have for years to come.


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4) Sports Clubs and Societies

The University Students Association has over 140 societies and the Athletic Union has 60+ clubs. Join in and get involved in as many things as you like. Whether it’s the Student Newspaper, becoming a member of the Law or Disney society, joining a number of sports teams, before you know it you will find yourself organising a society event or competing against other universities. Can’t find anything you’re interested in? Not to worry you can also start your own society! To find out more visit our Students Association and Athletic Union webpages.

5) The Bubble

The town of St Andrews is affectionately known to the Students here as the Bubble. We say St Andrews has a rule of 3: every third person you pass in the street has an association to the University. This is great but it means for a 10 minute walk to the library you need at least 20 minutes as you are guaranteed to chat to a friend on the way there. The bubble has a cosmopolitan feel with many cafes, restaurants, bars, beaches and golf courses for everyone to enjoy. Due to the close knit community you are guaranteed to make many friends for life. Life in the Bubble is a truly unforgettable experience.

If you are interested in studying at St Andrews or have any questions drop an email to our friendly admissions team at: or for international enquiries

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